Trucks Full Service and Repair West Palm Beach

Full Service And Repair

Our unique service center will provide you an experience second to none. We perform oil changes, service brake and hydraulic systems, work on doors and lift gates, and cover all aspects of truck repair. Our trained technicians can rebuild engines, repair transmissions, and fix electrical wiring issues in lighting and electronics. We have factory level scanning tools for all types of engines, brake systems, and transmissions. We utilize cost effective aftermarket parts when possible and use only factory replacements when it’s time to stay with OEM.

Unique Service

We at Excel Palm Beach believe that service starts the moment you call us the first time. From the polite voice on the telephone, to the smiling associate at the counter that greets you. We pride ourselves in good service, which sadly to say is unique in our industry. For your convenience we offer pickup and delivery of drivers and their vehicles. We have a fully stocked coffee bar, provide beverages, and have a comfortable and air conditioned lobby with cable television. We provide steering wheel covers, seat covers, floor mats, and even air fresheners when working on your truck. Our motto “It doesn’t roll till it right” means when it’s been repaired by our shop its done right the first time.


Regular maintenance will keep your truck operating at its best for many years. Today’s EPA compliant engines require minimal exhaust leaves the engine creating additional maintenance issues that if overlooked can cause thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs. Older engines require a trained eye, knowing what to service on and engine with high mileage can add years to a trucks lifetime. Quality fluids and maintenance materials are important too.


So often in our industry people confuse repair with replacing parts. Our technicians are trained to find the underlying cause of a customer’s complaint, then make the necessary repairs in the most cost effective way to save the owner time and money. Larger dealers also don’t provide repair services like custom fabrication, welding, and the repair of unique parts of custom commercial vehicles.


When possible we give you the option of choosing quality aftermarket parts as a way of reducing repair costs. When advisable we always recommend OEM parts when they are a better option. We source parts from several locations, and we maintain a great relationship with our vendors to assure strong buying power and warranty claim ability.