About Us

Traditional Valuesforklift repair west palm beach

We at Excel Fleet Service believe our company is built on a solid foundation with traditional values. Our traditional values are based on our belief that customer service is #1.  You, the customer, have been lost in this world of mailboxes, computers and decentralization. Though we believe technology is extremely important in our business, we have not lost that human touch we all crave.

Customers for Life

Building Customers for Life is Excel Fleet Service’s key focus. We know what is important to our customers. Reliability, efficiency, convenience, trust, follow-through and technical accuracy all rate among the top priorities of our customer base. Our associates earn the confidence of our customers by being well-versed in our industry, not only with technical know-how but with service. Follow-through is equally important; we are committed to nurturing an ongoing business relationship.

bus repair shop west palm beachExceptional Employees

How do we ensure our associates adopt these key principles? It’s fairly simple—we ensure that the decision-making responsibility of our associates working with our technicians is like working with the owner of a small business. Excel expects, encourages, preaches and demands individual initiative and ideas from its front line people. We hold weekly upfront meetings and highlight motivated employees who perform heroic acts of outstanding customer service.

Our mission statement is issued to every new employee. If an associate needs to be reminded, you can find the mission statement right on the wall at Excel. Excel accredits its success to building customers for life.

Re-defining what “The Best” means

In every human endeavor, he that is first must perpetually live in the white light of publicity. We proudly accept that challenge. Our team of professionals is totally committed and dedicated to building you as a customer for life. Many places talk about being the best. It is our corporate philosophy to redefine the best on a daily basis. We measure our performance with that one purpose in mind. We promise you will experience the most courteous, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable group of individuals that will solve not only your trucking needs honestly but will treat you like you are family and friends.

Outstanding Value and the Best Servicebus mechanic west palm beach

If the leader truly leads, he remains the leader. By gaining you as a customer for life, we will achieve our goal. Because we are an industry leader in South Florida, you will constantly receive outstanding value and the best service. You will be treated with the utmost respect and appreciation.

Once again, thank you for your business. Our team and associates would like to say it is a pleasure serving you.
Thank you!