Heavy Equipment Repair West Palm Beach

Heavy Equipment

Excel Palm Beach performs work on heavy equipment. Our facility services, repairs, and replaces engines, hydraulic systems, and control systems on heavy equipment. Our Mobil Max onsite service vehicle can provide routine maintenance and repairs right at a job site to minimize down times. Our facility maintains electronic testing and equipment specific for heavy equipment systems. Our technicians have received training and experience in heavy equipment and can get you back up and running in no time at all.

Full Service

Our facility can repair most systems in heavy equipment. Our engine technicians are second to none. Our hydraulic specialists can repair and replace leaking hydraulic lines and fittings. We service hydraulic pump systems and their controls. We work on landing legs, brake systems, seating and safety equipment, and more.

Mobile Service

Our Mobile Max service vehicle can be dispatched with a phone call. Our trained technicians can diagnose and repair issues right on a job site in most cases. By calling us out you may avoid costly down time and transportation of equipment.

Electronic And Testing Equipment

Today’s heavy equipment have advanced systems that often times require expensive computers to diagnose issues. Our facility keeps up to date with the latest available soft and hardware, as well as complex pressure testing equipment to diagnose and repair high pressure systems found in fuel and hydraulic systems.

We’ll Get You Back To Work

Our company motto is “It Doesn’t Roll Unless It’s Right”, that goes for heavy equipment repairs as well. We will diagnose the issue and get it done right the first time to get your equipment back up and running.