Trailer Repair West Palm Beach

Trailer Repair 

Excel Palm Beach services and repairs all types of trailers. From repacking wheel bearings on a boat trailer to replacing an axle on a fifty three foot trailer we do it all. Don’t overlook maintenance on a towable trailer, burnt bearings cause wheel loss and accidents every day. Tires on trailers can dry rot and develop flat spots from sitting. Before you plan to use your trailer allow us to inspect and service it to avoid break downs. Swing and roll doors on trailers break at all the wrong times. Excel Palm Beach can make repairs on door systems to keep cargo sealed and secure to avoid missing deadlines. Our road service vehicle can come out and repair air brake systems right where you are to avoid costly towing.

Avoid Break Down

By maintaining lubrication in hubs many break downs can be avoided in boat, camping, and small cargo trailers. Yearly inspection of wheel hubs and brake systems should be performed by a professional service facility. Tire wear can be drastically reduced when proper alignment is maintained. The common cause of blow out is rapid tire wear from faulty equipment or alignment. Open road trailers have maintenance concerns as well. From air brake filters to refrigerated systems avoid costly break downs with regular maintenance.

Structural Work

Trailers are used for a wide variety of applications. From a recreation vehicle to a bomb disposal unit, Excel Palm Beach has worked on them all. Our shop welds, repairs, and fabricates for all types of trailer needs. We are your one stop shop. Our mechanics work on hydraulic lift gates, roll up, slide, and swing doors, and body panels as well.

Trailer Electrical

All trailers have lighting systems that are easily damaged and can result in legal violations and liability issues if not immediately addressed. We can locate, repair, and secure wiring to keep your trailer legal and safe when traveling on today’s busy streets.