Truck Fleet Maintenance and DOT’s West Palm Beach

Fleet Maintenance and DOTs

Excel Palm Beach understands the importance of keeping a fleet vehicle on the go. We do everything in our power to assure that not only are your vehicles well maintained, but if they breakdown they are repaired and back on the road ASAP. Our diversity gives us the ability to work on all makes and models and even lighter duty trucks and cars. We communicate to your representative and keep them informed if parts supply or labor times may require a change in plans. We provide Penske Truck Rentals to help you stay on the road while your unit is being repaired.

Less Down Time

The key to a successful fleet maintenance relationship is to keep vehicles on the road. Things like slow turn around, repeat repairs, and bad diagnosis can lead to extended down time resulting in money loss in any business. We strive to communicate well with drivers and fleet managers to assure key information in relayed to our mechanics to help get it right the first time. We also have supplied local tow companies with access to our facility 24/7/365 to get broken down vehicles off the road and in a service bay immediately.


Our diverse shop allows us the ability to work on everything from a forklift to a tractor trailer. Having an established relationship with a diverse shop provides your fleet director with the ability to focus on other aspects of fleet management instead of dealing with multiple vendors. Scheduling maintenance becomes easier when its handled by one facility as well.


We perform all types of inspections at Excel Palm Beach. All our techs are capable of performing DOT and county child safety inspections. Specialized techs are State Certified in Department of Education school bus inspections for state regulated schools and charters. If you have a fleet we can schedule to come out and perform the inspections right at your location, even during weekend hours. We utilize all required documentation and the highest quality metallic DOT stickers.


We maintain communication with your company representatives, from driver to management. Our counter personnel are trained to extract key information from drivers. Mechanics relay information on issues found during repair to avoid additional visits and catch items early to avoid more costly repairs later or even to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Truck Rental

Our Penske Truck Rental relationship is no coincidence. We are fully aware of the benefits to our repair customers to have rental trucks available. Transfer goods from a broken down unit right into a Penske Truck and avoid additional work finding a temporary replacement. Drop off the rental when you pick up your repaired unit!