All Makes and Models of Trucks

All Makes And Models

With so many makes and models in the industry it makes sense for a repair facility to diversify to offer its customers with a one stop shop. While some dealers will offer service to other brands they maintain loyalty to theirs. At Excel Palm Beach we cross train our mechanics, maintain electronics specific to each application, and our mechanics have the tooling unique that is required to cover such a vast array of trucks. We proudly offer our services to all makes and models.

One Stop Shop

If you own several vehicles chances are they aren’t made by the same manufacturer. When shopping for new units you may even feel compelled to stick with a certain brand to keep your fleet uniform. Independent repair facilities like ours make it possible to have your entire fleet repaired in one place. We also accommodate our clients with smaller vehicles and service them as well making fleet maintenance even easier for your director.


We are loyal to you, the customer. Even when a large dealer diversifies away from their “name brand” they put their own first when it comes time to schedule. Dealers often are loyal to the manufacturer that feeds them warranty work and forget that loyalty should always be with the end user, you. When the warranty on a truck runs out the dealer moves on to the unit with warranty and works to impress their manufacturer. We are with you all the time, from day one till the day you finally sell your truck for a replacement. Our sister company Excel National can even help you sell it, no matter the age or brand.

Proper Tooling

As an independent repair facility we are required to keep a vast amount of technical information and electronic equipment. Our technicians attend training from all different manufacturers and in the process get a chance to see innovations industry wide. We aren’t tied to one brand, we get to see it all. Diversity allows us the opportunity to use skill sets of all manufacturers providing you with the best service money can buy. We purchase tools specific to each individual application, so when it comes time to work on your mixed fleet we can handle them all.

The Independent Edge

As you can see all these factors give us an edge in our industry. When it comes time to choose who works on your truck remember our promise of loyalty to you. Our technicians are far more qualified to work on your mixed fleet than a large dealer, we specialize in diversity!