DOT Inspections in West Palm Beach

Specialized DOT Inspections

Annual DOT inspections are necessary for keeping your fleet up and running and maintaining a safe commercial truck business. If you fail to conduct U.S. Department of Transportation inspections, you could run the risk of ruining your company’s reputation. Failure to meet these federal standards can cost a company a lot of time and money.

DOT Inspection West Palm Beach

When your vehicle is not properly maintained, the safety of drivers, passengers, and other individuals out on the road, are in danger. This is why the Transportation Department requires all vehicles to be kept in a safe operating condition at all times. Here at Excel Palm Beach we have been making sure our customers meet DOT standards for nearly twenty years.

Instead of wasting time and money at a busy Department of Motor Vehicle agency, come have our inspectors get you everything you need and have your vehicle back out on the road in no time.

Certified DOT Inspectors

When you choose Excel Palm Beach, you will receive the most experience repairing fleet vehicles in the South Florida region. All our technicians are certified, and our business has the proper liability insurance, equipment, training, service personnel, and customer experience that you deserve. Over the years, many of our current customers have come to us with legal issues because a certified DOT inspector did not inspect their vehicles. This costs time and money, and also endangers passengers and drivers.

When performing all annual inspections, the first thing to check is your inspector’s certification. We gladly provide proof of all our inspectors’ certifications. All of our inspectors at Excel Palm Beach are experienced and fully certified to perform all local, state, and federal inspections on your fleets. In addition, our technicians are ASE certified and can provide the necessary inspection forms for child care centers in South Florida.

Not only are our inspectors certified in diversified areas, but also they are continually updating their training and certifications to make sure we are providing our customers with the best service possible. We are dedicated to our clients’ safety and success.

We Are the Best in The Industry

All of our inspection equipment is the best in the industry, so we guarantee our inspections will be quick and accurate. There are a variety of types of inspection for individual types of fleet vehicles. Some specialized inspections need to be performed on certain types of vehicles, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Buses are the most rigorously inspected vehicles on the road, mainly because they carry so many passengers they need to meet stringent safety requirements. Our technicians can perform all inspections necessary on vehicles, and we guarantee you will never have legal problems again.

Complete Inspection Center

Our technicians have logged thousands of hours inspecting fleet vehicles. When you are running a business that depends on the reliability of your vehicles, don’t settle for less than the best. Because of our strength in numbers we can perform many inspections at a time and provide your vehicles with everything they need to get back on the road quickly.

Certified School Bus Inspections

Specialized techs are also available for state certified Department of Education school bus inspections. We can also have our inspectors come out to your location to save you even more time and money, even during weekend hours. When we find something wrong during the inspection, we have the ability to fix it on the spot. Our complete service center guarantees that we can provide for your needs. From mechanical problems to exterior or interior repairs, we are here to get you back operating at 100 percent.

Required DOT Records Provided

We provide all our customers with metallic annual DOT decals and nationally recognized DOT forms. We also maintain extra copies of these records for our customers in the event that our clients need additional proof of the services we have performed for them. Aside from this, DOT regulations require that all vehicles in the U.S. maintain the following records inside their vehicle that can be checked during traffic stops.

• An identification of the vehicle, which includes the company DOT number, make, year, serial number, and tire size.
• The leasing company of the vehicle must also be identifiable.
• Complete lists with dates that show the various inspections that have been performed and when they were performed.
• A record of tests on all the emergency features of a vehicle to include push-out windows, emergency doors, and emergency lighting on buses.

We can make sure you have everything your company needs to make sure your vehicles are road ready and safe. If you have any questions about inspections or need to schedule your fleet’s next round of inspections, call our certified professionals today at 561-686-4665. We are happy to help and prove to you our certified experience.