Trailer Repair Brakes and Tires West Palm Beach

Tires and Brakes: Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Tire replacement is a common service for trailers. Often underlying issues are overlooked when replacing tires and new replacements are doomed to fail. An irregularly aligned axle causes tires to slide instead of ride with rubber wearing away like a pencil eraser. Faulty bearings or suspension issues will also create strange wear patterns where alternating tread or rows wear unevenly. Our technicians are trained to inspect issues where the rubber meets the road.

Stand Alone Brakes

Most trailers are designed and built with standalone brake systems. In small and midsized trailers inoperable brakes can easily be overlooked making the trailer rely on the tow vehicle’s brake system. This situation can be dangerous of course for the trailer and the tow vehicle. Regular brake inspections are a necessity as a trailer owner.

Axle Alignment

Proper axle alignment is important to allow tires to perform properly on the road. Alignment that is out of adjustment can cause premature tire wear and dangerous road travel as the axle fights the tow vehicle direction. Alignment check should be performed regularly, we can inspect your tires in most cases and recognize issues very early.

Tire Mounting and Balancing

We offer tire mounting and balancing on all types of trailer tires. We can balance trailer tires as well to improve performance when necessary.

Bearings and Suspension Issues

Issues with bearings and failing suspension components create irregular wear and premature failure of tires. Regular inspections be completed to assure that these components are in good operating condition. Excel Palm Beach can replace, repack, or service wheel bearings as needed. Our shop can also provide any services involving the suspension on your trailer.