RV Generator Repair West Palm Beach

Generator Repair

As an Onan Generator dealer we have experience in working on Recreational Vehicle generators. We have the ability to remove the unit when necessary, and can perform a wide variety of repairs and maintenance with the unit in place. We work on units that operate on gasoline, diesel, and propane, and have the ability to test them with independent fuel cells. From no-start to complete new installation we can get it done right the first time.

Onan Dealer

As a Cummins/Onan Dealer you can be sure your unit will be handled by trained professionals. Our technicians receive the latest factory training and have access to up to date technical data via the internet. Onan generators were used during the Second World War, and continue to be most dependable units in the industry. Some of the units used in the war are still operational today. If you are considering installing a generator, or even in the market to purchase a new coach, be sure to consider the benefits of the Onan Generator system. And when it comes time for necessary repairs and maintenance remember to choose the professionals at Excel Palm Beach.

Unique Application

Recreational Vehicles utilize generators in a unique way. When installed in a coach these units rely on fuel systems that are onboard a moving vehicle. The power that the coach generator supplies is directed to specialized systems to recognize when their demand is temporarily replaced by shore power, and also travel through converters to be utilized by lower voltage systems inside the coach. Our technicians are trained on how these systems operate and know how important it is to make the proper connections when working with them.

Fuel Systems

Coach generators use three basic forms of fuel, gasoline, propane, or diesel. We service and repair generators that operate on any of the three. Once removed from your recreational vehicle for major repairs we have independent fuel cells that couple with your generators fuel system and can test it on the mechanics bench prior to reinstallation.

All Types Of Service And Repair

Whether you come in for a basic 150 hour maintenance or need an entirely new generator we are here to help you save time and money. Avoid costly repairs by allowing a facility with nearly twenty years’ experience in mobile generator systems. If your coach has sat for an extended time you are probably dealing with a unit that won’t start or needs basic service to assure it will operate properly when you get to your vacation destination. Don’t wait till the last minute and spoil a vacation. Schedule an appointment today. Remember our motto, “It doesn’t roll unless its right”!