RV Full Service and Repair West Palm Beach

RV Service And Repair

When most people think of recreational vehicle repair they immediately think of the inside of the unit. The fact is that most service centers nationwide don’t provide all around service on the Recreational Vehicle. That’s not the case with Excel Palm Beach. We are a one-stop shop providing repairs on both the coach and the chassis. We provide brake work, engine work, suspension work, and all types of mechanical work our competitors don’t offer, and still provide all around repairs on the other systems like roof ac and hot water heaters. We are proud members of the Florida RV Trade association and the National Trailer Dealers Association.

RV Repair West Palm Beach

Our unique facility provides repairs to some of the largest commercial fleets in the nation. Your recreational vehicle was manufactured on top of a basic truck chassis. When our technicians perform standard chassis repairs on brake systems, suspension, and engine issues, they are using the qualifications, education, and many years of experience they have accumulated in years working in the truck industry. Our specialized technicians are then cross trained in the other areas unique to recreational vehicles. Our technicians are not just certified in recreational vehicle repairs, they are also professional mechanics.

RV Chassis Repairs

Recreational Vehicle chassis are identical to on the road truck chassis. Picture a stripped down kids go-cart, that’s the chassis portion of your unit. As a one stop shop we are fully capable of performing the repairs on this portion of your unit that our competitors simply just don’t. Don’t trust a truck repair shop with a specialized unit like a motor home, we know that your investment warrants the respect of a clean, neat, and delicate service center.

RV Coach Repairs

Our specialty shop has adapted for nearly twenty years to accommodate the recreational vehicle. Our bays are equipped to allow safe entry avoiding damage to rooftop systems. We have the ability to move heavy objects up and down to the roof portion of your coach safety with our shops lift. We install microwaves, repair basement and rooftop air conditioners, install and program satellite television, work on fresh water systems, and all other areas of the living portion of your unit.

“It Doesn’t Roll Unless It’s Right”

Our motto is “It Doesn’t Roll Unless It’s Right” because we feel that the services we provide should provide you with an excellent service and repair experience. While no one is perfect, we strive to provide the highest level of service in our industry. We check your vehicle for issues you may not even know about, and provide you with the information to make the final choice on what gets repaired and how. We double check our work against your complaints to assure we have addressed them properly.