Large Equipment Repair On-Site Service West Palm Beach

Onsite Service

Our Mobil Max service van can come to your location and perform repairs onsite to avoid the cost transporting the unit to our shop. Our unit is equipped with an air compressor, bulk oil and waste oil tanks, coolant, ATF, and adequate tooling to perform most repairs. Regularly scheduled maintenance is a snap with our mobile unit, we come to you and save you time and money.

Avoid Costly Transportation

Allow our onsite unit to come to you and perform a variety of repairs right at your location. By having maintenance done onsite you can avoid the costs of transportation and manpower to move the unit to an offsite repair facility.

Mobile Max

We custom built our service van to meet the needs of our technicians out in the field. With the ability to operate air tools, charge batteries, pump fluids, and remove waste oil, our service van makes it easy to get work done on the fly.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Our customer’s enjoy the ability to have regularly scheduled maintenance performed on their onsite equipment with ease. Once we build a list of the materials needed to service your equipment we can have them ready for each service when it’s time to come to you for the maintenance interval. By pre- purchasing materials we have the ability to shop for pricing and pass that savings to you.

Combine Services

We gladly combine services to get more done in one visit. We can service your vehicles and equipment at the same time, onsite, with ease.