Generators and Pumps Repair West Palm Beach

Generators and Pumps

Excel Palm Beach has repair and replaced engines in various large generator and fire pump systems over the years. Backup generators and fire pump systems are commonplace in the industrial industry as well as in many high rises and condominiums throughout Palm Beach. Our Mobil Max onsite service unit can come to your location and provide service and repair. Our trained technicians are familiar with many types of older engines and systems found in aging installations.


Our facility has performed major engine overhauls of power/pump systems over the years. We have rebuilt huge Cummins engines for Florida Power and Light and The Palm Beach Hamptons, and performed heavy duty repairs on several power units in private beachfront residences. We have replaced exhaust systems so large they require a crane to install. We are truly experts in major industrial engine applications.


Our Mobil Max service unit is equipped to come directly to your industrial mounted engine attached to either fire pump or power generator and perform necessary service and repairs. We maintain lists of filters for our regular customers avoiding unnecessary trips and downtimes. We pride ourselves in rapid response and repair of these critical units.

Older Equipment

Many older buildings have rather old backup systems that are equipped with outdated engines and control systems. Our technicians are familiar with these older systems and have found that these are quite common in these applications. We source parts for these systems and have an extensive library of information on them to decrease repair times.