Forklift Repair


Forklifts come in all shapes and sizes. Excel Palm Beach provides service and repair on them all. We rebuild hydraulic pistons, repair and repair hydraulic lines, repair damage and broken welds, install added equipment, and work on the entire chassis systems as well.

All Shapes and Sizes

We service and repair standard forklifts as well as moffetts and even larger units like telehandlers. From smaller unit propane run engines to heavy duty diesel power units we cover them all. Big names like Caterpillar, Toyota, Hyster, Nissan, Clark, Yale, and more are our specialty. If it has forks chances are we have worked on it!

Hydraulic Systems

All forklifts utilize hydraulic systems of one type or another. Our shop can repair, replace, or add additional hydraulics for adding equipment to an existing system. We custom make hydraulic lines, repair/rebuild hydraulic pistons, and rebuild/replace hydraulic pumps.

Welding Shop

Our welding shop can repair broken steel. We can make necessary adjustments to add equipment to your lift system, reinforce safety cages, add light bar mounts, and more.

The Whole Lift Systems

Forklifts are similar to a truck in that they utilize brakes, throttle controls, cables, wheels and tires, steering, and other common systems. Our truck shop incorporates years of experience in truck repair on these systems assuring that “It Doesn’t Roll Unless It’s Right”.