Bus Inspection Center West Palm Beach

Complete Inspection Center

Excel Palm Beach performs every type of inspection in the South Florida bus industry. We have spent years accumulating the credentials to legally perform the required inspections, and have the certifications to prove it. Our highly diversified technicians have thousands of hours of experience and training, and can accurately provide the legally required inspection documentation you need to operate your bus fleet.

Different Inspections Different Requirements

Each type of inspection requires its own credentials to perform. Over the years many of our guests have come to us involved in legal issues when their current provider is discovered for performing various types of inspections without the correct qualifications and credentials. As a fleet owner/director it is your responsibly to verify your inspectors information. Regulatory agencies hold the owner responsible for lack of knowledge of required documentation or qualifications.

Charter School Inspection

Excel Palm Beach employees Florida Department of Education certified inspectors. Our inspectors properly complete the state required documents to be submitted by Charter Schools providing transportation of their own. The process of obtaining the Department of Education’s certification involves specific training and two types of testing. Our facility has proudly partnered with the State of Florida DOE as an online testing location for the written portion.

Department of Transportation DOT inspection

Buses are required to have a completed DOT inspection annually. Proof of these inspections should be posted in the form of a metallic decal displayed on the bus itself along with documentation of the inspection in the unit and at the place of business. Any inspection performed by Excel Palm Beach meets the necessary criteria and proof and documentation of the inspection is maintained for years in our records if by chance you need an additional copy.

Palm Beach County Child Safety Inspection

Palm Beach County annually provides child care centers with inspection forms that need to be completed by a repair facility with ASE certified technicians. Our technicians are ASE certified and meet the necessary criteria. Schedule your appointment today.

Experience AND Training

Our technicians are not only trained and certified, they have years of experience. Although training and certification are required, experience is even more important when it comes to proper inspection. Our technicians have logged thousands of hours inspecting buses.