Bus Body and Electrical Specialists West Palm Beach

Body and Electrical Repairs

Our facility is equipped with a body shop that can perform repairs to correct damage caused by minor and major incidents as well as restorative services to bring older buses back to life. Our service center can repair mechanical issues caused during collision after necessary body repairs are completed. Our electrical department can piece back electrical connections restoring lighting and safety systems. Your bus will be as good as new when our work as completed.

Body Shop

Our body shop can repair bent bumpers, damaged entry doors, windows, seat frames, driver’s seats, and fiberglass damages. We maintain state required standards and paint combinations when needed and correct incorrect color combinations to meet FLDOE code. Our welding shop can repair damaged metal and frame work.

Full Service

Our body shop works with our service shop to correct other issues related to accident damage to provide you with a one stop shop in bus repair. Our technicians repair electrical lighting, safety equipment, roof lighting, and all other electrical components.


Bus interiors often take a lot of abuse from day to day service. Our interior shop can replace seat covers and foam cushions to restore passenger seats to their original appearance. FLDOE requirements require seats have no more than a 1” tear at any given time, and a bus with damage past the 1” mark are placed out of service by inspectors. We also provide driver’s seat upholstery and replacement, stanchion and seat back/divider covers and more.


Our electrical technicians can repair wiring issues that can avoid dangerous situations. If you have been replacing bulbs, fuses, or relays on a regular basis there is an underlying reason. We remove abandoned equipment from purchased buses and install child safety alarm systems, back up monitors, and more. We repair pupil warning systems and their electronic components. Stop signs, crossing arms, and strobes all require an electrical technician to assure proper operation.