Bus Air Conditioning Specialist West Palm Beach

Air Conditioning Specialists

Buses have unique air conditioning systems. Along with factory installed units many body manufacturers add additional systems with independent compressors, lines, and even secondary systems. Some manufacturers add rooftop systems that will use power from generators. Our facility specializes in the repair and maintenance of these unique systems.

Unique Systems

Many manufacturers add additional compressors and components to “boost” the operation of the chassis provided basic systems. These type systems utilize long hoses and lots of additional components that increase the surface area and potential places a Freon leak can develop. Leak detection in an air conditioning repair is vital to avoid the loss of Freon into the ecosystem and out of the wallet. Freon leak detection can be completed more rapidly by trained technicians with the proper equipment. Come to the professionals when it’s time for your bus air conditioning system repairs.

Secondary Systems

Secondary systems are added often times in a pre-delivery installation. These type systems can sometimes make it difficult to locate parts as they aren’t listed in the OEM catalogs and can create lengthy down times when an inexperienced shop tries to locate parts. Our facility has performed these repairs for many years, we can find the correct parts from one of our many suppliers and get your bus back on the road.

Independent Power AC Systems

Some bus air conditioning systems utilize generator and shore power to supply them. These type systems require additional electrical components that require a trained technician with the proper tools to find and repair the issues at hand.

Custom Installation

Our shop has installed bus air conditioning systems on many different types of buses. Bring your bus in for an evaluation and see if we can help you add comfort to your current bus. We are your bus air conditioning specialists.